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I want to fight

I want to fight for us. But I’m too scared. He doesn’t want to fight for us…. or maybe he does- maybe he is just too scared as well…. I don’t know what to say; if i blurt it out then I risk making a fool of myself- but maybe, just maybe he needs to know how i really feel.

Its a romantic gesture right? If he doesn’t agree with me, then time to move on…. maybe that’s the closure I need- I’m sick of wondering ‘what could be’


Good Morning

I can feel the heat of the sun beating down on my back. As I roll over, open my eyes and stretch my arms above my head I cannot help but exhale-happily, loudly. I look over at you, sleeping so innocently, shirtless, and feel the tension rise in my throat as I ponder everything you are to me, everything we are. As I run my fingers down your spine you slowly stir, roll over and open your eyes, giving me that adoring look that never fails to make my heart skip a beat. “Good morning’, I whisper, hardly expecting you to respond. You raise your arm, pulling me closer and kissing the top of my head. As you tilt my chin and kiss me, hard, I know I have found everything I have ever needed, ever wanted, in you. Good morning.