For the longest time I have wanted to write.

For even longer I have let myself been held back the expectations of not others, as it would seem, but those I unfairly throw upon myself. I am not funny. My writing is not entertaining. Don’t write; who would want to read that?

No more. No more self-pity and no more self doubt. I am the bird. I do not claim to have all the answers, however I, like all do have my story to tell. I am incredibly lucky, incredibly blessed, more so than I ever thought I would be, with incredible people and opportunities in my life; I hope to share my story with both these friends and anyone else whom would take pleasure in reading.

Hopefully this will serve as a much-needed road to self-discovery. I am on a constant mission to better myself; I will do s through blogging, through sharing my experiences, having something to look back on t the end of the year and know that for all the times I was angry, smiling, laughing or crying, that I had a reason and I have learnt from that experience.

Who knows, maybe one day I will be brave enough to study journalism; not letting my fear of being a bad writer get in the way.


One thought on “R.E.S.P.E.C.T”

  1. Wow..actually started a blog too nd our posts are quite similar. I understand why you wanted to start a blog as a means to self discovery and a place to store your memories

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